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Ride the Rino 2011 MTB Race

Mostert & Bosman was involved as a sponsor of the Ride the Rino 2011 MTB race. 'The Renosterveld Ride' began as the dream of a man who had the vision and passion to link the remaining fragments of Renosterveld, using MTB rides as awareness campaigns and to generate funds to achieve the goal. Justin Basson has made this opportunity possible by providing a vision, a team of organisers and Clara Anna Fontein as a base.

The Renosterveld Event MTB rides are not only a riding challenge, but also a challenge to help rescue Renosterveld, one of the most endangered habitats in the world. Today only 4% of it is left in the Western Cape.

The MTB routes, the first of it's kind on the West Coast, is through a rugged and beautiful area that offers some of the best riding terrain in Nature's garden, from rough back roads to sandy tracks to koppies and mountains. The area boasts flowers, animals and a beauty that is unsurpassed. The objective of the event is to do the same for the West Coast as the Sani2C did for the Umkomaas and its people-in the form of social upliftment and community involvement.